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On-line, platform for the sale of paintings and sculptures by painters, galleries and art dealers.

The innovative platform TheBillionArt, aimed at buying and selling art online, makes it easy for painters, galleries and art dealers to publish their works for sale for free.

This platform has a system for uploading works of art through a form and online store for the acquisition of works

Why sell art online ?

Galleries, exhibitions, and direct sales are ancient ways that artists sell artwork to collectors and interested parties.

The main advantages of the Internet as an art sales channel are obvious: collectors will be able to discover new works of art according to their tastes or needs of artists from another part of the world, and buy their works immediately in less than 2 minutes.

Buyers have the opportunity to meet the artists and they can personally respond to buyers' questions. 

Sites to sell art online ?

With a large quantity available for sale for each type of art, our team recommends the use of centralized platforms where art lovers focus to discover and buy new works for their collection.

This choice is recommended since platforms such as have a purchase and sale service directly online, security for buyers and sellers, and once you have made the sale, they will take care of the logistics. Companies like this focus on the fact that the painter only has to paint and the sales platforms, sell.