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Your art is painting , ours is selling .

Our new artist experts are eager to help you. They will advise you on the strategies that best suit your works. They will inform you about new buyers and create the best advertising campaign for you . You will also get ongoing assistance, which in other words is peace of mind .

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Facilities to sell.

Your works will be publicly exhibited in the "BUY" section of our website, this will increase your artistic recognition and increase your sales facilities.


Gustav Klimt

"The kiss"

€ 18,398,000


Intelligent tools applied

by an intelligent team


Without any advance payment.

Most of the brokerage houses charge a membership plan of more than $ 500 per month, at TheBillionArt, our team will only charge for each sale.

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Ready to jump into sight?

Showing your works to new buyers on your own would be a difficult task, you will only reach your known buyers. When buyers of multiple artists focus on a single website, it is much easier to promote yourself.

Our team of painters is yours

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A new way to categorize

When a collector looks for a work by style, technique or dimensions, your work will appear in the chosen ones!

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Another marketing virtue.

Every day we show your works on social networks, this will increase your artistic recognition with more than 100,000 collectors seeing you daily.

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