La historia más completa de Frida Kahlo.

The life and work of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo has achieved great global positioning. Books have been published about her, her works are increasingly in demand and price, and she is so curious that she is trying to film a movie of her life in Hollywood. Is feminism related to this? It is likely, because Frida was a woman who broke the mold and was ahead of her time, despite her physical limitations.


The fame of Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo was famous in her lifetime both for her courage as an artist and for her marriage to the talented and controversial Diego Rivera. The two formed an avant-garde and popular couple, surrounded by other famous people, both national and foreign. Diego obtained, however, greater stature with the passage of time after his death, while Frida was relegated to oblivion. Now that forgetfulness has dissipated and her image has resurfaced surrounded by a halo of mystery that has placed her at the height of the myths.

Contrary to the painful stereotype with which some persist in identifying her, "Frida was an optimistic and cheerful woman," Guadalupe Marín, Diego's daughter and therefore, Frida's stepdaughter.


There are many reasons to admire it and few to imitate it. Frida always knew who she was and what she wanted. He knew that it was marked by death; she proposed - from a young age - to marry Diego and she did it twice; He knew that it would be great if he proposed it, even against fate, but what is more admirable is that he was able to turn the enormous tragedy that was destined for him, into a cry of life that was heard even in his last breath.

It was at the beginning of the century, when a young couple started the construction of a house in the Coyoacán area. They were the Kahlo. Guillermo, a young man who emigrated from Germany in 1891. Matilde a very beautiful young Oxaqueña who, they say, would bond with him more because of his European type than because she really loved him.

From this marriage four daughters were born: Matilde, Adriana, Frida and Cristina. Frida was born in 1907. Her man means "peace" in German. However, the meaning of his name did not have much to do with the situation in Mexico: three years after his birth, in 1910, the Mexican Revolution broke out. The Kahlos found themselves in trouble because of this war, because they lost the benefits of the good government job that Guillermo had. They had to rent the rooms, sell the valuables and even mortgage the house in Coyoacán. But the girls, always on the fringes of a world other than their own, were not affected by the violent and aggressive exterior. The image of Frida drawing imaginary doors on the steam that she herself threw on the windows, and through which she penetrated imaginary places in the company of a fictional friend, speaks a lot about her ability to escape, to make life beautiful, but always with one foot on the ground. This is one of the characteristics that will accompany her throughout her life and will make her an exceptional being.

She was a terrible girl. Once she urinated in her class, the teacher put the panties of one of her classmates who lived in front of the school. Faced with this public humiliation, she hated her partner so much that one day she tried to strangle her. Physically Frida was normal and playful, but it was a close event that suddenly changed her existence. At the age of 6, he became ill with polio and this disease withered his right leg. Fortunately, it did not affect her to the point of rendering her invalid. The doctors recommended exercises to strengthen her leg and she became a true athlete; but the children cruelly said that it had a "wooden leg." Then she became a lonely girl, a feeling that always accompanied her. But Frida was very intelligent, and she found a good example in her own father, who infected her with his taste for archeology and Mexican art and taught her the art and craft of photography; this being the first artistic manifestation of Frida.

When Frida finished her basic education, instead of thinking about getting married, she enrolled in the National Preparatory School. This school outlined among the best of that time, around 1922, for its revolutionary zeal and academic vanguard. What she enjoyed most about school was feeling free from her mother and sisters and doing whatever she wanted. From that moment, his fascinating, pro-strong character began to manifest itself. An intelligence like the one she had did not allow her to stagnate or conform. He always questioned everything he did not understand or what seemed imposed. She also didn't make friends with the few ordinary women who went to high school, because she found them corny and boring. He preferred to become part of a boy band called "Los Cachuchas", who distinguished themselves, in addition to their rebellion, for their intelligence and active academic participation.


Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo


At this stage, Frida met the one who would be the love of her life, Diego Rivera. He was painting the famous murals at the National Preparatory School when 14-year-old Frida asked permission to see him work, which fascinated him. Frida would confess to her friends (the few belonging to the "Los Cachuchas" group) that her ambition was to have a son by Diego Rivera and that one day she was going to tell him. It wasn't right away, but he did tell her later. For now, Frida became the girlfriend of the boss of "Los Cachuchos", Alejandro Arias, with whom she fell madly in love and with him she had a relationship full of intense passion that Frida put into everything. It is said that sex was very important in the couple, but that it was surely more important for Frida, who wanted to eat the world in one bite.


Frida Kahlo's accident


When one damp afternoon with recent rain a bus crashed with a tram that did not stop its march, literally the bus, in which Frida was traveling, in the company of her boyfriend Alejandro, broke in two. He fractured the spine - in five parts -, the clavicle and some ribs, the right leg - in eleven places -, the foot was crushed, the shoulder was dislocated and the pelvis was fractured in three parts. One of the railings of the truck, when breaking, pierced the pelvis and came out through the vagina.

It was her boyfriend who helped her in this mishap and it is he who keeps the memories of this event, recalling an anecdote that in his eyes showed that Frida was a special character: One of the passengers carried with him a pot of gold paint, which ended bathing Frida and mixing with her own blood, so people shouted "The dancer!" when they saw her prostrate and strangely naked. The scream that she released as the tube that passed through her was torn from her body was like a symbol of the pain that would accompany her until the moment of her death.

Alejandro thought she would die, but Frida lived because she wanted it to. He never gave up and always tried to turn misfortune around. The sentences she wrote to her boyfriend confirmed her will to live: "I have to endure it. I'm starting to get used to suffering. I didn't even get used to it" - she said, referring to death. Frida suffered, but did not want the world to take her suffering seriously.

She was in bed for three months, cast in one position, to recover from her injuries. The accident had greatly marked his life. He said that death was his companion and that he laughed at her "so that he does not take advantage of me." He began to paint to kill time with some paintings that he says "have stolen" from his father. From this time came his first self-portrait, which he gave to Alejandro as proof of his love.

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