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Analysis by Art Curation

Throughout the creation of our experience, we have been day after day generating new relationships with professional curators for different artists, because, whatever work you want to curate, we will have a curator specialized in that painter.

If you have a work without a certificate of authenticity and you are interested in obtaining it, please contact our team by clicking below.

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¿Cómo saber si un cuadro es auténtico?

Nuestro departamento de curación de obras podrá determinar si tu obra es auténtica o no, en primer lugar haremos un estudio previo y si sale correcto, realizaremos un estudio en un laboratorio especializado para, si sale auténtico contactar con los autorizados y obtener la certificación oficial.

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Independent curator's opinion

In principle, before analyzing a work in depth, we go to our curators selected for each artist, they identify us if a painting or a sculpture is authentic or not.

Professional analysis of a Work of Art

Microscopic Analysis

The main study is microscopic, here we can observe the signs of aging of the pictorial layer: the properties of crackle, both natural and artificial and  pigments. 

Wood light and monochrome lights

They allow us to evaluate the entity of the restorations, touch-ups and recognize different phosphorescent substances

Infrared reflectography

With infrared reflectography we can analyze the painting in depth showing basic drawings, shapes, as well as corrections, deep cracking, restorations or different materials.

IR Spectroscopic Analysis

It allows to analyze materials to be able to verify the compatibility with the estimated historical period: pigments, glues, lacquers ...

Age verification through IR spectroscopy on wood

For checking the canvas, the support or the cornice used in a painting

Evaluation of the physical properties of matter measured with the hardness tester